The Kid Stole the Story

Keep Swimming - Kade Boehme

Cary and his partner want a baby. He gets cold feet and runs away and so the story begins…

I really don't like kids in my reads but I have to say in my opinion Gus the four year old was the most interesting and honest of the male characters in the story. Cary is doing everything he can to be the best possible father he can. He meets Heath, a confirmed bachelor deep in the closet and realizes he's ready for more. Overall I thought it was a good story in general but I felt that Cary was a bit whiny for my taste about Heath’s ex’s and Health was a big ole’ scaredy-cat about relationships. There were some sweet moments between the MC, the sex was hot and the secondary characters were good support for the story but I wanted them both to grow up and hair a big hairy balls.