Just Go With the Flow

That's What Brothers Do - Derekica Snake

When you read Derekica Snake’s books you need to take into consideration they are Derekica’s books. The men are going to be have long hair, become emotional and are high maintenance. There will be lots of crying. There will be lots of manipulation and they're all just so over-the-top amazing, elegant, well-dressed, clothes make the man and so on and so forth - accepted. Brant gave himself up to a crime boss to protect his family. He seemed to spend this entire book protecting one person or the other rarely ever protecting himself.

To be honest this is simply one of those books that you either like or you hate. Don't fool yourself, don't lie to yourself. If you don’t go with the flow and try to nit-pic it will not be remotely enjoyable. Lay back on the chaise lounge, sip your beverage and get carried away to Derekica Snake land.