Baby's First Year

Her Two Dads - Ariel Tachna

Okay, I don't do babies or children in my books but I was so curious about Ariel Tachna's Her Two Dads I gave it a try. I mean I already know there are going to be kids in it so ... go!
The beginning was well written and sucked me in right away. We meet Srikkanth a kind of cold, Indian wed designer when he gets a phone call about the birth of Sophie. Jamie his Latin roommate is the catalyst that pushes Sri in the right direction to the baby. Together they swim upstream taking care of and raising the baby. Tachna used a starker, more clinical writing style then with her other works. Time was taken to flush out the story. Sensual interactions were there not used as filler therefore feeling more romantic and real. I love the feeling of wanting to keep watching their day-to-day lives for years to come.
First, yahoo at the use on characters that are Men of Color. There isn't enough of that in m/m books today. I did have a question: Why didn't they go to Sophie's Mother's home a get all the stuff she had to have had everything for the baby? Or was there a funeral or what happened if she had no family. It just stuck in my mind.
I'm glad I read this one.