I Almost Missed This One

The Nothingness of Ben - Brad Boney

Why didn't anyone of my book buddies ever tell me to hurry up and read The Nothingness of Ben? I've owned this book for two years and never heard a word about it. Well bad on me!
This is the story of Ben and his three brothers after the sudden death of their parents. The way they come together and connect over a healthy period of time. Travis is the neighbor who touches each one of their hearts. Brad Boney did an amazing job taking his time flushing the characters out and letting the story unfold beautifully without rushing.
The sex scenes were written with a strong voice that had a more realistic, edgier feel then most of the books I've read in this genre, he created plenty of passion and heat that never got boring.
I'd love to read something this satisfying at least once a month. Please, please...