What the WHAT?!?!?

My Partner the Wolf - Hollis Shiloh

Hollis Shiloh has given me some wonderfully satisfying reads like [book:Brian's Mate|20558393] and [book:Falling for Archie|17332972]. I was kind of excited about this series and damn if I can figure out what's going on. The story meanders and takes forever to get to any point. When they, Sean and Tom are hunting for a missing child in the beginning I'm all on board. The writing was crisp and had a rhythm. Their run in the beginning is insightful but once Lowell has his snit it's like a totally different writer took over. No, it felt like this was a first draft before the writer worked with an editor. OMG, the crying & sometimes they sounded like stereotype romance women, Stop!
Now I'm going to say something really mean but it felt like Laurel K Hamilton took over the writing. Everything was so lost and messy and silly and boring.

Let me repeat, I've enjoy other Hollis Shiloh stories but this sucked the big one.