Unintentionally Funny!

Texas Rough  - Sara York

So I decide to try a Sara York and to my surprise it was not my cup of tea. Now before I go on understand I love cowboys. If I could I'd read every other book all summer featuring cowboys and/or farm-life stories. They don't have to be perfect they just have to be interesting, have a taste of the day-to-day events going on. York wrote scenes with the farm animals that were interesting up to a point but the rest just didn't work. It felt like every conceivable plot twist was used and it just got funny after a while. I rarely laugh at a MC's pain so as I honestly laughed out loud when Lane thought Gresh was getting married to some chick and he was "sobbing his eyes out" I was chuckling up a storm. What should have been dramatic was hilarious! I'm not being mean I just telling you the way this felt to me. No joke it just kept coming one plot turn after another and they were each funnier then the last.
I try to not be mean but that's how it read for me.