I Felt This In My Bones

After Ben  - Con Riley

First let me warn others not to read this if you are sad or in a lonely mood. It will kill you. I started it three times waiting for the perfect moment and I'm glad I did.
Con Riley told the most wonderfully simple story that was full of heart, emotion and real-life pain without being overly angsty or manipulative. She was spot on describing the bleakness of loss and the trials and tribulations of finding balance and accepting love. All of the simple interactions between each of the characters large and small were well written and helped add a layer of realness to the story. I also felt Theo's inner thought process was real and painful and so very beautiful. But the thing Con Riley did was using flashbacks -which I hate- seamlessly without causing one moment of confusion or frustration. Theo's intimate encounters past and present were hot, desperate and well written without getting dirty or boring.
I will be honest, I had a lump in my throat throughout most of this book and on the brink of tears repeatedly. Riley made me care about Theo, Peter, Morgan, the interns, his circle of friends, Maggie & family, the Italians, Theo's parents and of course Ben by taking her time and flushing out a complete story.