Crash & Burn - Abigail Roux

It's been a long time since while sleeping I’ve worried about the characters in a book. I worried so much I had to wake up early to read a few more chapters. The story is sometimes silly and convoluted but the characters were so very fun to follow I fell in love all over again. WE visited all the old haunts from the previous books. The Sidewinders were just who they were. Once again I think Kelly got treated poorly and got the soggy end of the lollipop. I feel Abigail Roux  writes action and sex scenes very well.   Hopefully he and Nick will find their bliss. I saw everyone I could possibly hope to see. If you're going to end a series, this it's the best ending I could ask for.

Yup, this was a totally messy story but I had a ball and enjoyed the wild ride. Ty & Zane forever!