Too Many Ideas - spoiler alert!

In From the Cold - Mercy Celeste

I like Mercy Celeste's creative mind and the way she tries to think outside the box.  That's why I usually read her books. Mercy Celeste's mind sometimes gets way too many ideas at one time the power of the story gets lost but overall I still enjoy her stories and what she has to say. This time around we meet Nathan and Quinn. I thought Quinn interesting but it was Nathan's own self-hatred that was the catalyst for most of the angst in the story. It was the thing that got Mercy Celeste is so much mud. Start of spoiler There was almost a waste of tension because Nathan should have been the one to investigate & solve  the crime. If this had been an honest murder mystery the whole thing would have worked and been so much smoother. It just got soapy and angsty and that's when the flow was lost. Somehow I didn't really feel as bad as I should have about Nathan because it just happened and I'd almost forgotten that there was a mystery to solve. End of spoiler.

            Truth be told I'll probably read another one of her books because overall I like the way her mind works and I like the story she's trying to tell I just want her to tell it in a straightforward clean style.