Renae Kaye is Now My Author

The Shearing Gun - Renae Kaye

The Shearing Gun will be known as the book that confirmed for me RENAE KAYE is an auto-buy. Hank is a sheep farmer in the outback. He's also gay and very much in the closet. Elliot is the new doctor in townie they hit it off as friends right away. Hank hang ups are addressed throughout the story. Kaye handles these situations without a lot of angst. No, we don't get any of Elliot's point of view but that's the way it is. I enjoyed learning about the sheep management and thought it was refreshing to read about a small breeder.
Once again I’m taken aback at Australia’s Laws and attitudes towards gays. When the Olympics was held there I got the impression they were ahead of the curve. Alas, I guess it’s not so.