A New Author for Me

Safe in His Arms - Renae Kaye

Renae Kaye, I will remember that name. Safe in His Arms is the first book I read by this author and I totally enjoyed it. Lon the minor lives in Western Australia he comes home and he needs Casey a skinny, young fellow staring at him in the bathroom. One thing leads to another and they begin a friendship, a romance, and a life together. Casey is a damaged man and I love stories about damaged people who pulled himself together with the help of someone's love but Casey was pulling himself together. He wasn't sitting on the sidelines boo-boo hoo, he was trying to stand on his own two feet and do whatever else he had to do to be the man he wanted to be. Even if that meant taking a few drugs and going to a therapist, how refreshing. I personally enjoyed Kaye's pacing and I got a fairly good sense of place. I felt the heat of Western Australia and the simpleness of their life. There were some interesting secondary characters Paul, the grandmother and a few others that helped fill in the story. I felt the very end had a different style than the rest of the book but the story itself was wonderful. What else you got Kaye?

P.S. I hate the cover.