Bluewater Bay #5 I skipped #4

The Burnt Toast B&B - Heidi Belleau;Violetta Vane, Rachel Haimowitz

The Burnt Toast B&B is the fifth in the Bluewater Bay series and the best so far in my opinion. This time around we meet the cantankerous Derek. A laid-off logger who inherited a B&B he doesn't want. The meat of this is watching Derek grow into himself, to learn to accept who is and to be the man he wants to be. Who's going to teach him? Why Ginsberg. Ginsberg is one of those characters you either love or hate. I love, love, love this guy. Belleau & Haimowitz take their time with the story. They don't rush and allow their tale to unfold over a solid period of time.
I can't say much more without causing spoilers but The Burnt Toast B&B really floated my boat and made me super happy and satisfied.