Woof, Woof

Adding it Up - Chris Owen, Tory Temple

Adding it Up is the sequel to By The Numbers by Chris Owens and Tory Temple. I thought the first go around was a nice, simple, sweet, quite love story and I think this is a really sweet, successful round up of the story. Trey & Deuce continue to work out life's ins and outs, dos and don'ts around Trey's daughter and ex-wife and Deuce's father...and the pups. I really have no complaint. The book gave me what I wanted and needed. My only quibble was the epilogue. I’ve always felt Chris Owens has a hard time ending books and it was evident here. Also the cover of book one and book two have different breeds of dog. That's kind of annoying since the dogs play a major part in the story. That kind of thing makes me crazy.