Nothing Special

Mantrap (The Wyverns Book 1) - L.M. Somerton

Mantrap is one of those books that should've, would've, could've been better and that makes it all the more disappointing. L. M. Somerton introduces us to The Wyverns Motorcycle Club. It’s a tough, wild biker gang whose members have tattoos, oversize muscles, grrrrrr attitudes and all have a taste for men. The leader of the gang is named Rogue. I should've known right there. He and the gang are forced to kidnap Orlando and to be honest absolutely nothing new happens.
*Should have, not rushed the story and taken time to flush it out.
*Would have, benefited from serious character development.
*Could have, been something special even if we read the story again and again if the author had just taken some time.
I assume this is the beginning of the series but I think, to be honest, it's going to have to continue without me.