Dancing on the Edge (Tales from The Edge) - L.M. Somerton

Dancing on the Edge is the third installment in the Tales from the Edge series and I have to say each one has gotten a bit better. This time around we spend our time with Alastair and Carey. One of the more entertaining aspects of this series is the fact that the author doesn't let characters from the previous books just have a quick hello. They are an integral part of the new story and that way we do see growth and we keep having fun with everyone including Olley. Yes I will admit there is a serious formula in this series but whatever. The author doesn't seem to be trying to reinvent the wheel and if it works it works. It's not the greatest read in the world but it’s fun, it's brain bleach to be enjoyed as long as you don't think too hard and just go with the flow. I will say the same thing I said with the first book, I can't believe this takes place in England. L.M. Somerton has created a world with absolutely no sense of place whatsoever.