Candy Fun

Candy Man - Amy  Lane

I don't know how I did it but somehow Amy Lane fell off my grid and I'm kind of glad because coming back to her with Candy Man was a really wonderfully pleasant holiday surprise. I know people knock the angst but I really enjoy the fact that Lane normally doesn't just let her characters say I love you and move on. No, she lets them feel and hopefully we get to watch them heal together with the help of someone else. Adam has survived both the war in the Middle East and the war at home just barely. He meets Finn, one of the sweetest, most optimistic thinking characters I've read in a while. There was an incredible scene between Adam and a cat that just thumped at my heart and also later when Finn takes Adams pain as he tears it up. Oh it was just so wonderful. I've never been into those holiday theme love stories but this one was really spot on for me.