I Loved It

Saviours of Oestend - Marie Sexton

Now this is the right way to end a two-book story. Saviours of Oestend was the tale of two couples and the fellow members of three connected homesteads. We follow Dante to the site of the gruesome deaths in the first book. We meet Cami, an odd but compassionate new member to the ranch. While she and Dante become friends and learn to understand each other. Frances & Simon have moved with Dante to this mysterious area of Oestend and together they weather natural and unnatural day-to-day events that are continually getting stranger and more dangerous. Marie Sexton successfully interweaves old and new characters together and as far as I can tell staying faithful to their development. One of the things I really enjoyed was there was nothing traditional about this characters. It is two cases of 'love me as I am' in the truest since of the phrase and I love you didn't solve everyone's problems. It took a while for some of them to accept what was right in front of them.

This worked so well for me. Yes, me, myself and I are satisfied.