A Good Howl

Lone - Rowan McBride

              Lone, was a fun shifter story with a new twist on the werewolf hierarchy as I know it. The story is simple, Seth has one heck of a secret and Rafe has a big choice to make. For me Lone worked in a good silly at the same time way. I got a kick out of Seth's 'dog speak’. I know it annoyed some readers but not me. The Fight scenes were very well written and easy to visualize. Which most of the time I have no idea who hit what.

             It’s the type of read you enjoy only if you’re in the right mood. Another note, Rowan MeBride has a habit of making the size of her main characters opposite and it plays a major part in her stories. That can become predictable and boring so this was an interesting and intriguing turn of events.