Fascinating Character Growth

Consent - A.J.  Rose

Consent-Power Exchange book #3, I’m going to assume is the last book in the series. In the first two books I found Gavin to be a major dumba$$. He never seems to think things through.  I was constantly wondering how can this guy be a detective. This time around Myah is in trouble. We have Gavin, Ben and Cole, Myah's husband and Gavin’s brother step up to the plate to try and solve the problem. I absolutely love the way Cole was written, he felt the pain anyone in love with feel. Watching Ben take control and keep the ball rolling, trying to keep everyone steady was well done. And watching Gavin become a real man was the perfect way to end this series. It was interesting to watch Gavin respond when Ben was making demands. It was really fascinating. Now on the other hand I did not like reading all the torture Myah went through.  I had to gloss over all of that pain.

Thinking about it I have to repeat myself reading the interactions between Ben and Gavin really was captivated.  It really was an excellent way to end the series.