Silly but Fun

The Degan Incident - Rob Colton

Rob Colton is true to his style. Big guy falls in love with little guy. Colton has got to be careful because his little guys get perilously close to being female characters and if it weren't his style I probably wouldn't have read his works. Devin and Bastian are passionate and totally hot for each other. With anyone else this wouldn't work for me but somehow Colton makes it work. I think it's because the little guy is never totally a weakling. He might be physically small, he's smart and he uses his brains or he steps up to the plate at the right moment would even to die to protect his big guy.


This time we're working at Earth's spaceport and we travel to other planets.

Even though it can upset some people be warned there is m-preg in this story and I thought it was kind of cool. It was totally predictable and a fun, lite, easy read, so sue me!