Well Done

When All the World Sleeps - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

Lisa Henry and J.A.Rock rock my world.
When All the World Sleeps is a heartfelt, sad, painful but totally engrossing and entertaining story about Daniel Whitlock who suffers from sleepwalking extraordinaire and Officer Belman who sees something very few others see; what’s really going on with Daniel and he cares enough to try and solve the problem.
One of the things that made this work for me, made me worry, fret and almost go to the last page to make sure it would be okay was these two characters were allowed to make mistakes over and over again. Trial and error just like in real life, it was captivating. Angst, there is no way to learn who you are without it. You can't be afraid of yourself, you can't be totally confused by your flaws and you can't try and get better and stronger without it. There was the fear of failing, the fear of doing some un-rightable wrong and the fear of losing your family and the acceptance in your community...yes, there was well placed angst.
When I was working, out to dinner or at the ballet I thought about these characters and was offended by anything that kept me from finishing this book.I love a book that for me with an 'awwww yeah!'