What Fun!

Raising the Rent - JL Merrow

Oh what fun! J. L. Merrow gave me a sweet treat in Raising the Roof. Nathan is trying the only way he knows how to keep a roof over his head and get ready for the thing he wants most, higher education. Stephen is an older, somewhat aloof, interesting character that Nathan find most appealing. There's a bit of violence that's not overwritten but pivotal to the story. Other than that Raising the Roof was rather mellow and flows with what I'd like to now call Merrow's everyman’s style. This tale is set in England using all of the fun colloquialisms the British are known for. Bits like 'up the duff' and 'choccy biccies' just tickled me and set the mood. This was a short read but I think the author said all she wanted to say.