Hobbled - John Inman

You know that feeling when you find a writer whose writing style fits your reading style? Well that's the way I feel about John Innes. This is the second time I read one of his works and I really think I might become a fan.


Here’s the deal: Danny has a broken leg and is in a world of trouble; Luke is the new guy next door. Gay men are being kidnapped and murdered. A small cast of neighborhood characters plus two of the funniest little preteen boys help round out this mystery wrapped in a love story. I did have one serious problem, there was so much sex. Even though it was cute and it was romantic it started to get in the way of the mystery. I wanted to slap Danny a few times and scream wake up. Don't get me wrong it was pretty evident what was going to happen and who the bad guy was but for me it became more frustrating than suspenseful. Once the two MCs woke up and got involved in the mystery it was way more exciting.