Estate Mystery

Think of England - K.J. Charles

Think of England was a book I don't think I was going to read. Somehow it just didn't jump onto my massive to-be-read list but one of my book buddies asked, “Why hadn't you read it yet?” so I did. Thank you. Usually when it comes to historical novels I'm down to only reading and trusting Ava March. I know, I know, keep an open mind is usually my mantra. Well I needed a reminder.


Daniel de Silva an over-the-top poet with a lot more going on then we see on the surface. Archie Curtis an army man, an injured man, an angry man looking for answers. They come together and flush out some answers and along the way find each other in this post war England. I think my favorite part of this was watching Archie Curtis have that slow cathartic moment about where women fit into his life. There a variety of female characters – yea!


This is obviously the beginning of the series and I'm definitely on board. No, I won't let it pass me by.