I had to rewrite this because it stuck with me!

How to Rape a Straight Guy - Kyle Michel Sullivan

I've read hundreds of man/man stories; some are warm and fuzzy, romantic, funny, sexy, sweet, hard-core, aggressive, full of dramatic angst or over-the-top. Normally I read books that fall into any of those categories but HOW TO RAPE A STRAIGHT GUY had nothing of that in it. It was a painful bite of reality.



This is a tale about ugly, angry people who believe life has for lack of a better word fu&ked them over and they deserve restitution. You know the kid. The one who does a little wrong and is brutalized and forgotten instead of rehabilitated. Every event in the protagonist’s life helped make him the animal he is. For me, Jeremy and Wayne represent every gay guy who has been screwed over just because he's gay or even looks gay and this is a reminder there are bad-ass, evil gay people out there in the real world too.


One bad move and action caused another even worse reaction – this is an evil,  

F'ed-up domino effected situation. And that's still no excuse for anyone’s actions in this tale.



There were no good guys and there were no characters with any real redeeming qualities. I had to read it. I had to finish it. I had to know if this author was totally committed to an honest, ugly look at these men. This is a testimony to how hate and bigotry snowballs into hell. How what is brushed off as a little thing can become big and ugly. If I repeated myself it's because the “bad” needed repeating. There is evil in the world.  Back to warm and fuzzy.